2.75″ Rhino Skin Foam Minis (Set of 6)

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Play safe, fun tossing and catching games with the Super 70 ball from Champion Sports. These 2. 75in balls are made from Rhino Skin, which is a durable polyurethane foam with a tough no-sting outer coating that protects it from t…

This set of 6 mini foam balls are only 2.75″ and ideal for all age groups. The compact size of the Super 70 makes it especially popular for younger players. The balls are constructed from Rhino Skin, a durable polyurethane foam with a sting-free, tough coating that protects it from the elements. Rhino Skin brand balls from Champion Sports are an alternative to hard rubber, vinyl, or plastic balls. TheseSuper 70 dodgeballs are tough enough to be used indoors and outdoors. They retain their shape even after being squeezed, stepped on, or kicked. Super easy to clean and disinfect making it perfect for any Physical Education class, rec. club, church club, or even for your home collection. Included are 6 Super 70 balls with an orange, red, yellow, purple, blue, and green ball.

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