8″ Gator Skin Dodgeballs (Set of 6)

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Set of 8″ diameter balls, constructed with a medium bounce, medium density foam (40kg/m3), one in each of our Spectrum colors. Best suited for middle and high school aged kids or where a heavier ball is required for throwing. Ce…

The balls in this set of 6 are 8″ diameter, made from medium density foam giving them a medium bounce. Each of the six balls are a different color. These are heavier ball and best suited for middle and high school kids. Certified Latex Free. These high-quality Gator Skin balls are backed with an unconditional 4-year guarantee! The non-sting coating makes gripping them easier, and durable coating makes them virtually tear-proof! Forget about the red marks and sting from a vinyl- coated or rubber ball. Play with confidence and have more fun during more activities. These premium Gator Skin balls are an excellent choice.

8"-8 1/2" no-sting sets, Foam Sets (no-sting), Gator Skin (no-sting foam), Sets

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